House Hunting


We are search agents!

We search for the right property for you based on your desired criteria according to the Anglo-Saxon (House Hunting) concept.

How does that work exactly?


- You give us your criteria for the property search.

- We search for the right property with estate agents and private sellers and check them out.

- We arrange viewing appointments for you and accompany you.

- We support you during the notarisation with a preliminary check of the contract and all topics related to the acquisition process.

- We are present at the handover of the property and assist you with all aspects of your move.

What makes us special? As an agency, we have been familiar with the property market in and around Basel for over 10 years and can draw on our extensive network: Specialising in the property market in north-western Switzerland.

We offer special conditions for companies and their employees - completely flexible and fully adapted to your needs.